Game by Ömer Faruk Sayılır (@Lordinarius)
Music & SFXs by Juhani Junkala


Up: Thrust

Right Left : Direction

G : Select star

F : Deselect

E : Enter Star System

R : Exit Star System

Z : Stop vessel

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Published86 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, HTML5
TagsAliens, fermi, fermijam, fermiparadox, Space, Space Sim
Player countSingleplayer


Download (30 MB)
Download (16 MB)


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Really love that you can establish orbits, and the presentation is great! Really nice audio design to make everything pop.


O.o I cannot find life...intelligent that do I know that I found intelligent life will it say 'intelligent life' or will you see some activity to speak or both??

I have found fungal and bacterial life

quite common actually...

but....intelligent, seems to be rare :'(

A nice game. Like the orbital pathing.

i love the orbital path indicator thingy!!

I have no idea what I'm doing, but this game is cool! Very serene.

Actually, a couple of other notes -- so what happens when I find a life form? I found bacterial life on a planet.

The other thing is: it's possible to get stuck. i.e., if I fly up and touch a planet, I can't thrust away from it. I'm stuck unless I hit the "exit system" button.

Still a cool game, though. I like it :-)

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I did not implement explotion on hitting planets :) . There is not any objective. Just find inteligent life :)